Asian Spice Indian Restaurant

Authentic Indian cuisine prepared by chefs from India

In an airy dining room with a relaxed poolside setting. Indian chefs create dishes ranging from traditional Tandoori favourites and delectable kebabs that melt in your mouth, to rich, creamy Kormas and superb vegetarian selections, all invigorated with authentic spices to create a truly palate-pleasing dining experience.

Take away available for lunch and dinner.

Sample Menu

Chicken Tikka
Cubes of boneless chicken marinated in yogurt,
red chili paste

Tandoori Lobster
Lobster tail marinated in an aromatic tandoori
mixture and cooked in the tandoor

Dhal Makhani 
Black gram lentil and kidney beans cooked overnight in a clay tandoor 

Lamb Vindaloo 
Boneless pieces of lamb cooked with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, vinegar and spices

Goan Fish Curry 
Catch of the day blended with fresh spices and coconut milk 

Gulab Jamun
Delicious Indian version of donuts soaked in a rose-flavoured sugar syrup