The Mount Gay Visitor Experiences

For more than 300 years, Mount Gay has refined the art of excellence and blending at the northern tip of Barbados. The history of rum and the history of Mount Gay stem from the same roots, and to this day, their rums celebrate centuries of perfecting their craft and paying homage to their heritage as they continue to enrich the genuine rum tradition.

Discover the World's Oldest Running Distillery

Embark on an adventure to their distillery in St. Lucy, Barbados' most northern parish. Here, you will experience where the world's oldest rum continues to be made every day.

You'll walk through the still house amongst the traditional copper pot stills, column stills and their recommissioned Coffey still, one of only three full copper Coffey stills in the world.

We'll open our doors to our molasses house where notes of liquorice waft from the inside. Step into our bonds where our rums age in casks and follow on through to our blending workshop where you'll discover the art of creation behind our blends.

The Mount Gay Distillery Experience takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:30am.

Experience The Life and Culture of Mount Gay

Head to the outskirts of Historic Bridgetown where our team will welcome you to discover the secrets behind Barbados' finest and most celebrated spirit.

Our workshops at the Mount Gay visitor centre have something for every palate. Join us for a full signature rum tasting where you'll delight in seven different rums, including four exclusively available at our visitor centre.

Try your hand at making Mount Gay cocktails in our Cocktail Workshop, or sit back and enjoy a dinner and cocktails at one of our Storied Evenings.

Don't forget to stop in the gift shop and find something special to take home, from postcards to rum cakes, and of course rum.

To join us at Mount Gay and find out more about our Visitor Experiences, head to for details.

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