Artists Studio Tours Barbados

See how the artists of the island capture the essence of Barbadian life with a tour of their studios. On February 3rd and 4th, and again on March 23rd and 24th, Artists Studio Tours Barbados partners with artists all across the island and invites you to come and get a close look at where the magic happens! Follow a guided tour or grab a map – available on their website digitally or as a physical map, for the more classically inclined – and swing through on ‘island time’. Studios are open 11am until 5pm, so arrive as the mood strikes and tour at your own leisure.

Artists Studio Tours showcase both established and up and coming artists that work in a diverse array of mediums to inspire appreciation of Barbados’ art scene. The tours also offer a chance to mingle with artists and art lovers, both local and international, in a relaxed and cool atmosphere.

Artists and studio lists, as well as any additional information, is available on their website.

Julia Seymour
Lorna Wilson
Princess Bilinda Johnson
Heidi Berger
Juliana Inniss