St. Lawrence Gap Dinner & Cocktail Tour

Thirsty for a taste of St. Lawrence Gap but don’t know where to start?

St. Lawrence Gap, a 1.3km stretch of road in the heart of the south coast, is famous for its fine restaurants, diverse accommodation and lively nightlife. ‘The Gap’, as it is commonly known, is a place where various cultures meet and merge. In other words, The Gap is where it’s at!

Experience this exquisite 3 hour walking tour through the entertainment district of the south coast! Enjoy delectable, locally inspired dishes by some of the best chefs on the island, whilst you sip on cocktails prepared by top mixologists.

Tour highlights: • A progressive dinner spread over 6 food and drink stops • All food and drinks included • Enjoy delightful foods, paired with cocktails and a craft beer tasting, all in a festive atmosphere! • Enhance your stay by knowing where to dine after your tour.

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