Enlightened Travelers

The best hiking experience in Barbados

Jabar Henry’s home is located high on Chalky Mount, one of the most picturesque spots in Barbados, which is famous for its ancient pottery industry and spectacular scenic views. 

Growing up here was heaven for him. From a very young age, he roamed the rugged Scotland District from dawn till dusk. Knowing these hills like the back of his hand and able to traverse them with amazing agility, he can walk a different trail every day of the year. 

Jabar was first trained in agriculture and then hospitality, and he worked in both sectors for a number of years. When the pandemic hit, he and his wife Andrea came up with the idea of hosting hikes around their area. They called their new venture Enlightened Travelers Hiking Tours.  

All of the hikes begin and end at a small facility close to their home. The degree of difficulty ranges from a leisurely 45-minute walk along the Chalky Mount ridgeway, to an extreme 3-hour challenge with escarpments, precarious precipices and plenty of hills!

They offer private tailor-made hikes to both large and small parties or you can join in with a group. The monthly hikes on the last Sunday of each month are popular with a crowd of regulars. 

In addition to hiking, they make good use of Jabar’s training as a barman and a chef by offering authentic local cuisine options as part of the package. This is a dream come true for Jabar who always aspired to run his own food and beverage business.

Roasted Breadfruit charred in the fire
Roasted Breadfruit

Breadfruit, local produce kebabs, fresh tuna, chicken and pork are roasted on an open fire and served with Bajan favourites like macaroni pie and rice and peas. They also serve fresh juices made with fruits from the area. Guests can even join in the preparation of the food if they wish.