Flower Forest Botanical Gardens

Flower Forest offers a relatively easy walk through the tropical forest with sweeping views of the Atlantic coastline. This lush and peaceful place is a garden of towering trees garnished with vibrant flowers. It is truly a place to gather your thoughts.

Owner David Spieler has been planting many specialist tropical hybrid flowers throughout the forest, which he generously shares with the Barbados Horticultural Society for their gold medal exhibits at the Chelsea Flower Show in London.  This year, they harvested their first coffee beans from the 50 odd coffee trees in the forest - which we enjoyed sampling when we took these photographs.

David pouring coffee made from beans harvested in the Flower Forest
Torch Ginger

This year, a spectacular array of anthuriums are flowering throughout the garden.


The 53 acre property, located 750ft. above sea level, is reserved for green botanical ventures, never to be developed.

There is a spacious central facility serving light lunches including Angela’s delicious fish cakes, superb freshly prepared flying fish, salads, sandwiches, ice-cream and drinks.

She also makes lovely lemon grass or bay leaf teas. The garden gazebo is a wonderful venue for weddings.