Hunte's Gardens

You might hear this garden before you see it; its delightfully eccentric owner, Anthony Hunte, BCH, plays classical music throughout the garden. This is the working end of old Castle Grant plantation, where sugar cane was once processed into syrup.

Anthony Hunte in his garden

Step through the gate and you’ll soon tread on the old weigh bridge, where loads of cane were tallied. Walk slowly and take it all in; there is a feast for the eyes. You’ll find yourself on the lip of a great, hemispherical sinkhole in the limestone substrate.

Steps lead down and paths branch out through an exquisite profusion of flowering plants, with towering trees around the edges. He has added hundreds of flowering anthuriums and orchids recently.

Both here and farther along the top are a series of small secret gardens, where you can sit to absorb the serenity and enjoy a picnic.

Be sure to climb the upper level steps to Mr. Hunte’s house, a transformation of the old stables. He’ll invite you for refreshments—including his legendary rum punch or freshly made ginger-lemonade.

In fact, you also have the opportunity to sample Hunte’s own 10 Year Old Reserve Fine Barbados Rum. It’s an exceptional cask selection only available at Hunte’s Gardens - take some back home.

Hunte's 10 Year Reserve, Fine Barbados Rum

Opening Hours

Open 10am to 4pm - Monday to Friday


Adults - US $20

Children - US $10