Atlantis Submarine

A family friendly adventure offering the opportunity to enjoy two fascinating experiences at the same time. This is the ideal way to go for an exciting ride on a real submarine, while also exploring the captivating underwater world that is normally only accessible to scuba divers.

The submarine’s knowledgeable co-pilots narrate while the pilot takes you safely down to a depth of 130 feet to reveal the magnificence of the ocean floor and all the wonderful creatures that live there, as well as an intriguing shipwreck.

Submarine Pilot

Atlantis Submarines offers day and night tours, and guests have the option to upgrade to priority or VIP status for up close and personal seating with the pilot. The adventure unveils the splendour of the coral reefs, swaying sea fans and a rich abundance of fish.

The night dive also serves up an extra helping of novelty, as the submarine’s spotlights reveal a whole different cast of underwater characters.

Night dives are followed by a short cocktail reception as you sail up the coast and have the opportunity to meet the crew. Atlantis Submarines has a 4.5 of 5 rating on TripAdvisor and was Gold certified by Green Globe in 2015 for more than 5 continuous years of excellence in its commitment to the environment.

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