The Gift Shop at St. Nicholas Abbey

St Nicholas Abbey, heritage tourism site & museum and a working plantation, has established a cottage industry in gourmet sugar, boutique single cask rums and jellies.

In Barbados their rum is available exclusively at the Abbey, but shipped globally. With growing preferences for artisanal production and consumer knowledge of authenticity, production methods and place or origin, these rums are increasingly sought after.

Local delivery to hotels and villas can be arranged and bottles may be personalised with engraving.

8 year old Barbados rum

They also have a new selection of liqueurs, with invoking names such as Wildcat Coffee, Sorrel Flirt, Monkey Business and Bajan Lemoncello!  

St. Nicholas Abbey's Liquers

 The Abbey continues to expand their cottage industry to include Rum Barrel Coffee, rum cake, jams, jellies and a whole lot more!

Gourmet Sugar and Souvenir Mug
J Hudson & Co. ACME Specialist Whistle
Heritage Railway Mugs