Remnant Wood – A. Ashanti Trotman

Ashanti Trotman has served with distinction as an arts administrator, artist-sculptor and fine-craft producer for over forty years. His work has been exhibited locally, regionally and internationally. His most recent project, ‘Remnant’, is dedicated to the production of artistic and functional wooden tableware crafted exclusively from found and fallen timber that celebrates the value and beauty of Barbados’ mahogany wood. Each piece is food safe.

Ashanti's work at Brighton Farmers' Market

Working by hand enables Ashanti to draw out the natural grain of the wood and finish each piece to smooth perfection. The bespoke collection includes interesting pieces incorporating mixed media. These exclusive works of art, showcasing master craftsmanship, design, colour and texture, will stand the test of time as favourite creations. His work can also be puchased at Brighton Farmers Market every last Saturday of the month.