Diamonds International

Diamonds International is the world’s largest duty free jeweller offering handcrafted timepieces and jewellery of unparalleled distinction from some of the world’s most iconic designers. Our claim of “Luxury, Value and Trust” is more than a mission statement; it’s a promise to our existing customers and those who have yet to enjoy the experience that can only be found at one of our many locations worldwide. Custom create your signature piece of jewellery with the finest ethically sourced non-conflict diamonds including those from DeBeers. Simply choose your diamond; select the setting of your choice; and you have just created the jewel of your dreams. Best of all, our on-site jewellers will have your piece ready to wear before you leave the island. 

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Lower Broad Street, Bridgetown | Tel: 430 2412
The Bridgetown Cruise Terminal | Tel: 431 9216/7
Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James | Tel: 271 8230
Sandy Lane Hotel, St. James | Tel: 432 0076
The Fairmont Royal Pavilion, St. James | Tel: 419 2503
Royal Westmoreland Golf Club, St. James | Tel: 419 2510
Turtle Beach Resort, Dover, Christ Church | Tel: 418 1331
Cartier Boutique, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, St. James | Tel: 271 8234
Breitling Boutique, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, St. James | Tel: 271 8237

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