Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean

West Indian Sea Island Cotton (WISIC), a unique variety of the species Gossypium Barbadense, is an internationally certified fibre, considered to be among the finest, most brilliant cottons in the world, comparable to both silk and cashmere.

It is also the most rare of cottons, comprising only a fraction of 1% of the world’s supply and commands the highest price. It is carefully hand harvested in Barbados, put through a special ginnery, and shipped abroad to be converted into fabric by industry experts. Its resulting luxurious textile has been called “The Cloth of Kings!”

It’s hard not to feel like royalty when wrapped in a supple robe, caressed by a fine garment, or reclining on satiny white bedding made of West Indian Sea Island Cotton.

The cotton ginnery at Groves in St. George offers guided tours Monday to Friday hourly between 10am and 2pm. Calling ahead is recommended. At the Visitor Centre there is a display room where WISIC articles can be purchased or ordered, including, but not limited to, ladies’ and gentlemen’s attire, linens, interior decor and novelty items. These can be further personalised with hand-painting or embroidery.

The team at Exclusive Cottons looks forward to sharing more with you about Barbados’ remarkable and regal cotton.

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