Apes Hill Barbados

It has been widely acknowledged that many people instantly feel relaxed and ‘at home’ as soon as they step off the plane in Barbados, which possibly helps explain why the island has such a high percentage of repeat visitors. As an extension of that special Barbados feeling, Apes Hill has successfully integrated an inherent sense of belonging into the everyday lifestyle of its vibrant, people-oriented residential community. Far from being a fabricated situation, this is in fact a direct reflection of the traditional warmth and hospitality of Barbadians.

Benefitting from an elevated location some 1,000ft above sea level, close to the island’s highest point, Apes Hill is blessed with refreshing cool breezes and panoramic views overlooking both the Caribbean Sea on the west coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast. Occupying 475 acres of one of the island’s most geologically unique landscapes, this multi-generational resort has been sympathetically designed to blend seamlessly into the outstanding beauty of its green surroundings.

Deemed by many to be the most spectacular golf course in Barbados, and arguably the Caribbean, Apes Hill’s 18 holes gracefully wind their way uphill and downhill, through valleys and over ridges, dotted with huge palm trees, outcrops of rock, coral caves and water features. Such is the natural beauty to be seen from every tee-box and green, it is not unknown for golfers to lose concentration while awaiting their turn to play - suddenly captivated by one of those Barbados moments.

As with every aspect of Apes Hill, environmental protection and sustainability are key factors in how the golf course has been designed and is maintained, along with the implementation of the overall development plan. In keeping with their commitment to offer residents an unparalleled amount of open green space and out-of-the-way privacy, the Apes Hill Barbados designers have gone to great lengths to locate house lots and villa locations in strategically optimum positions.

With an emphasis on maximising the many pleasures of the classic Barbados indoor-outdoor lifestyle, while still maintaining a balanced ambiance of stress-free tranquillity, Apes Hill offers a broad range of residences. In addition to luxurious individual built-homes and house lots with a turn key land and build option, there is also a selection of villas available for both purchase and short-term rental. Investing in a home at Apes Hill, or renting for a vacation, affords residents an opportunity to engage with like-minded people in a healthy outdoor environment where wellbeing and exercise are the norm.

As well as the obvious attraction of a beautiful world-class course, golfers can also take advantage of Apes Hill’s state-of-the-art Performance Centre – the only one of its kind in the Caribbean – which provides opportunities for custom swing analysis and biometric fittings, as well as technology-based golf lessons. And for a bit of fun, or practice for beginners, there is a 9-hole short course. Other health and wellness activities include a fully air-conditioned gym, swimming pool, hiking excursions through 12.5km of gully nature trails, tennis, padel tennis, croquet, yoga, bootcamps, spa services, plus access to the resort’s nearby west coast beach facility. The good life at Apes Hill also includes organic farming and fresh cuisine featuring locally sourced ingredients.

However, while the availability of top-quality facilities is undoubtedly a pre-requisite for a resort of this high calibre, it is often the simpler pleasures that make living at Apes Hill so enjoyable and gratifying. Like looking down on the east coast to watch the sunrise or relaxing in your garden admiring the sunset in the west; or better still, sitting high on a ridge where you can see the sun setting and the moon rising at the same time; incredible stargazing from your own back patio; catching a rare glimpse of an osprey gliding majestically overhead; laughing out loud as a group of young monkeys roll and tumble in front of you; or even simply being there when your grandchild plays a round of golf for the first time.