Un Dimanche à Paris

In 2010, Un Dimanche à Paris introduced to Barbados the heart and soul of Parisian fashion. Inspired by French culture, travel and the arts, Isabelle Meniaud's unique boutique was the first to welcome Limegrove Lifestyle Centre's discerning clientele.

Each season it displays a lovingly curated selection of exclusive designer apparel and artisanal accessories, handpicked by Isabelle herself.

Ten years, one signature line, and many loyal clients later, their online storefront undimancheaparis.co.uk has been launched, making their latest offerings available to you, from the UK, wherever you are connected!

Their flagship store continues to connect us with everything chic: authentic luxury labels, decadent fragrances and the Un Dimanche à Paris private collection—c'est magnifique—for women who love classic yet effortless style.

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