La Baguette

Situated in Porters in St. James, you’ll find this wonderful French bakery, filled with the amazing aroma of freshly baked delights.

Their bakers are busy in the wee hours of the morning creating a variety of traditional French breads and pastries such as freshly baked croissants, pains au chocolat, country breads and baguettes - all sourdough. Other sweet treats include almond croissants, decadent gluten free chocolate cake and yummy sugar donuts.

Pain au chocolat
Sugar Donuts

For savoury bites they have mouthwatering bacon and cheese croissants, pizza, sausage rolls and their homemade soft buns that are ideal for BBQs and parties. Gluten free bread is also available.

You can enjoy your pastry with Nescafé coffee or delicious espresso made with fresh, ground coffee on the adorable picnic table out front, or head over to the beach at Folkestone Marine Park across the road for a morning picnic with a swim or a walk along the boardwalk.