Annual Sun, Sea & Slams International Bridge Tournament

Join participants from around the world at Sun, Sea & Slams, the Annual Bridge Tournament in Barbados. The 2024 Tournament will take place from 12th to 17th February, 2024 at the Barbados Beach Club in Maxwell, Christ Church.

Visitors have come from Sweden, Austria, England, Jamaica, South Africa, Pakistan, Ireland and the United States, to participate in this tournament, where the focus is on competition AND fun!  The event provides a unique opportunity to enjoy competitive bridge while relaxing in beautiful, tropical surroundings.

The Sun, Sea & Slams tournament is sanctioned by the Central American and Caribbean Bridge Federation (CACBF), Zone 5 of WBF, and the CACBF points are awarded for all events. These points are registered as Black Points for ACBL members.

For more information about Bridge in Barbados visit the League's website.