Swing By, Drop in for Bajan Food


Ins & Outs of Barbados

March 1, 2023

Where to find Bajan food all over the island, from east to west, north to south.

In the East 

Sand Dunes

Ermy Bourne Highway, Belleplaine, St. Andrew | Tel: 422-9427
Caféteria-style Bajan buffet | Breakfast & lunch every day
Flying fish & macaroni pie

Sand Dunes

The Bay Lounge

Cambridge, St. Andrew | Tel: 234-1590
Lunch & dinner
Try: Cajun fried pork chops

Oasis Ital & Nursery

Pollards, St. John | Tel: 260-2378 Call first
Lunch - closed Monday
Vegan Ital stew with sweet potato, breadfruit, pumpkin, green banana, fresh coconut milk & fresh herbs

Oasis Ital & Nursery

Chalky Mount Village

Chalky Mount, St. Andrew | Tel: 289-1618 
Jackie (Jennifer) Hope
Take away black pudding & souse Saturdays only - order ahead

Pudding & Souse

Sea View Bar 

Bathsheba, St. Joseph | Tel: 624-9518
Daily lunch till late  
Try: Green banana cou cou & fresh local fish, fish cutters 

Sea View Bar 

Hill Crest Community Centre

Bathsheba, St. Joseph | Tel: 256-6271
Lunch & Dinner
Try: Local Fish  

Garage Bar & Grill 

Tent Bay, St. Joseph | Tel 844-1911
Lunch & Dinner
Try: Local Fish  

On the West

Fisherman's Pub

Speightstown, St. Peter | Tel: 422-2703
Daily caféteria-style Bajan buffet | Lunch and dinner December - April
Try: Cou cou & Bajan stew

Caboose Seafood Kitchen

Northern end of Speightstown, St. Peter
Daily Lunch | Check him out on Instagram
Try: Fish cutters

In Bridgetown

Yelluh Meat

Abberfoyle, Black Rock, St. Michael | Tel: 850-7664
Lunch & dinner until 8pm | Closed Sunday & Monday | Order online or call
Try: Buljol breadfruit bowl

R.A. Mapp

Eagle Hall, St. Michael | Tel: 426-5953 
Lunch and dinner | Curbside pickup or delivery
Try: Rotisserie chicken


McGregor Street, Bridgetown | Tel: 426-5175
Lunch Monday to Friday
Try: cou-cou & steamed flying fish

D' Palin Kitchen & Sports Bar

Tweedside Road, St. Michael | Call or WhatsApp 825-2387
Lunch Monday to Saturday
Try: Buljol on Saturdays, pelau on Tuesdays, rice & peas with salt fish on Thursdays

D' Palin Kitchen & Sports Bar

Hunter's Bar

Tudor Street, Bridgetown
Try: Pudding & souse on Saturdays, fish, ham and cheese cutters


Café Ma Cherie  

Earthworks Complex, Edgehill Heights, St. Thomas | Tel: 432-5645 
Daily specials | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm/Sat 9am-2pm
Try: Cou cou and saltfish, flying fish cutters or cow heel soup, pudding & souse Saturdays!

The Village Bar

Lemon Arbour, St. John | Tel: 433-3162
Lunch Tuesday-Thursday | Lunch & dinner Friday & Saturday
Try: Pudding & souse, barbeque pig tails and pickled sea cat (octopus)

Scotland View

Lonesome Hill, St. Peter | Tel: 571-0719 
Daily specials for lunch
Try: Green banana cou cou & Bajan beef stew


Braggs Hill, St. Joseph| Tel: 433-8912 
Daily Specials | Lunch Tuesday to Saturday
Try: Black Belly lamb & garlic breadfruit 

Flower Forest Café

Flower Forest, Richmond, St. Joseph | Tel: 433-8152
Lunch & tea 8am-4pm
Try: Fish cakes and freshly fried flying fish, bay leaf tea, sandwiches tailored to order

On the South

Cuzz’s Fish Shack

Pebbles Beach, Carlisle Bay | Tel: 254-8928
Breakfast & Lunch every day until 6pm
Try: Cuzz's special cutter of egg, cheese and fish

Chicken Rita’s

Ocean View Road, Silver Sands | Tel: 428-6873
Dinner every day
Try: Special Bajan fried chicken

Oistins Fish Fry 

Oistins, Christ Church 
Over 40 stalls | Lunch & Dinner every day
Try: Freshly grilled local fish platters 

Shakers Bar & Grill

Browne’s Gap, Rockley | Tel: 228-8855
Dinner - closed Monday
Try: Grilled fish dinner

Shakers Bar & Grill

Golden Sands Hotel 

Oistins, Christ Church | Tel: 428-8051
Lunch Monday to Sunday | Try: Pudding & Souse on Saturday 9am - 1pm, "Eat Bajan Day" on Friday 

Rastafari Ital Café

Foul Bay, Rices, St. Philip | Tel: 245-5177
Breakfast & Lunch | Closed Sunday & Monday | Try: Ital stir fry and stews

Lickrish Food Tours

Sample traditional Barbadian goodies at spots best known to the locals, while your tour guide introduces you to the culinary heritage of our island. 
Book online: lickrishfoodtours.com or call 622-1886

Things to do

From swimming with sea turtles, partying under the stars, exploring the rugged east coast to enjoying the island’s duty free shopping, Barbados has something for everyone.

Swing By, Drop in for Bajan Food