Rum Shops with a View


Sally Miller

February 15, 2022

One of the simple pleasures to be had in Barbados is dropping into a rum shop for a cheese cutter and a beastly cold Banks beer. We've selected a few gems listed below with particularly good views that are great watering holes whilst out exploring Barbados. 

Two men drinking rum at Seaview bar, overlooking the
Scotland View, Lonesome Hill, St. Peter

A little local knowledge will be useful. Firstly, you have to mix your own drinks. A rum and coke is a bottle of rum and a coke served with a container of ice and a glass. A 'cutter' is a salt bread (bun) filled with fish, cheese, ham, roast pork or liver and generously doused with hot Bajan pepper sauce. The game of choice is dominoes.

Fish sandwiches, rum and coke and a beer at Seaview Bar
Fish Cutters at Seaview Bar

The rum shop was traditionally a small variety shop where the men in the district met to discuss the topics of the day over a few rums. Today, many have become simple restaurants with wine for sale! The menu consists of pudding and souse, macaroni pie, beef, pork and lamb stew, fried fish and chicken, salt fish cakes, wings, breadfruit coucou and salad, green bananas, sweet potatoes and rice and peas - very tasty fare!

Rum Shops With a View:

Braddies Bar, Six Men's, St. Peter

Sunset on the beach by Braddie's Bar in St. Peter

Scotland View, Lonesome Hill, St. Peter,

Reservations 571-0719 Molleen and Ivor

John Moore Bar, Carlton, St. James

The view of the beach with fishing boats from John Moore bar

The Bay Lounge, Cambridge, St. Andrew

Reservations 234-1590 Olivia and Junior 

ESA Field white rum and orange juice on a bench overlooking the Atlantic ocean

Uncle Joe's Bar and Grill, Bathsheba, St. Joseph Reservations

622-5637 or 253-5637 

Sea View Bar, Bathsheba, St. Joseph

Reservations 821-4103 Sandra

Sea View Bar, Bathsheba, St Jospeh

Country View Bar & Grill, Country View, St. Thomas

Savannah and Kai's Wood Fired Pizzas. Orders & Reservations 271-1834 

Things to do

From swimming with sea turtles, partying under the stars, exploring the rugged east coast to enjoying the island’s duty free shopping, Barbados has something for everyone.

Rum Shops with a View