Healthcare in Barbados

Free healthcare is available to all Barbadians publicly through a network of polyclinics that offer primary and some secondary care. Tertiary care is provided by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). There is also a well-developed private healthcare sector where patients can pay for medical services. These private services make up for the shortfalls in the public healthcare.

Ambulance Services

Ambulance Service - Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Tel: 511 (Public)

Island Care Ambulance (Private)
Tel: 622-3061/2

Medic Response Ambulance (Private)
Tel: 228-8633

Private Emergency Clinics

Sandy Crest Medical is equipped to be the first point of medical contact for most medical emergencies. Diagnostic Radiology, located in the same building, allows for investigations and imaging to be done in a timely manner.  


Sandy Crest Medical Centre & Diagnostic Radiology, 
Sunset Crest, St. James. 
Tel: (246) 419-4911

FMH is a Private Level 2 emergency medical clinic staffed by emergency physicians equipped to treat walk in patients for most illnesses, including chronic illnesses that have suddenly worsened. Open 365 days a year but opening hours may vary on special bank holidays. Opening hours 8AM to midnight. Last patient seen at 11:30pm.


FMH Emergency Medical Clinic
4A, 3rd Avenue, Belleville
St. Michael
Tel: (246) 228-6120

Private Specialists Services 

IVF Treatment

The Barbados Fertility Clinic has highly trained staff in all aspects of infertility treatment. Their success rates surpass the national averages for both the US and UK and are less than half the cost for a full IVF cycle! 


Tel: (246) 435-7467


Both neurosurgical and neurological consultations are offered at this practice. Neurosurgery Barbados makes continuing education and training a priority in order to stay at the forefront of their specialty.  


Neurosurgery Barbados
Rosewood Medical Centre
17a Pine Road, Belleville
St. Michael

Tel: (246) 266-6876 

Private ICU

Bayview Hospital is a fully equipped private hospital inclusive of an intensive care unit. It offers both private and shared accommodation. More than 80 doctors in multiple specialties have admitting privileges. A planned $8 million expansion was announced in 2019.


Bayview Hospital, Beckles Road, 
St. Michael

Tel: (246) 436-5446

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeries

Dr. Giovanni Ferrando provides cosmetic and reconstructive surgical care with over thirty years of expertise. His practice is based out of Bayview Hospital and appointments can be made through his website.


Heart Specialists

Bracebridge Medical Centre is home to some of the leading cardiologists, an interventional cardiologist, an interventional radiologist and an internist. Offering cardiac consultations along with multiple cardiac tests such as electrocardiograms, treadmill tests, holter monitors and echocardiograms. Bracebridge is also home to CT Barbados, which offers CT Scans. CPSI, a group of anesthesiologists, also operate from this Medical Centre. 


Bracebridge Medical Centre
#3, 5th Avenue Belleville, St. Michael.

Tel: (246) 426-6102

Surgical Centre

Premiere Surgical Centre is a state of the art surgical centre primarily for day cases; however, they are fully equipped to extend care to overnight if needed. Built by a group of investors in 2018, the facilities are comparable to elite international surgical centres and are utilised by highly rated general surgeons, and specialist surgeons in the region. 


Premiere Surgical Centre
3rd Avenue Belleville
St. Michael. 

Tel: (246) 537-3200

Orthopaedic Surgery

Caribbean Centre for Orthopaedic Surgery specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of fractures, surgery for arthritis, total hip and knee replacement surgery and sports injuries.


#3, 6th Avenue Belleville
St. Michael 
Tel: (246) 435-2617

Diabetes Services and Solutions Inc.

BDSSI provides specialist care and surgical interventions to assist diabetics in managing and treating their condition. The surgeons in this clinic also provide care to a wide variety of non-diabetic patients. It is also home to The Living Collection, which is a company that makes excellent quality Medical ID bracelets.


DSSI – Diabetes Services and Solutions Inc.  #8, 9th Avenue Belleville, 

St. Michael 

Tel: (246) 436-3774

Urology and Uro-oncology clinic

Cariburol offers diagnosis and treatment (both medical and surgical) of diseases of the urinary systems in both male and females. 


Cariburol Inc.
Shot Hall Gap, Bay Street, St. Michael 
Tel: (246) 228-0165

MRI, X-Ray & Ultrasounds

Portable X-RAYs and Ultrasounds

Imaging and Ultrasound provides comprehensive radiology services including a portable service that can do X-rays and ultrasounds in your hotel room.  They also do mammograms, fluoroscopy, IVPs, Ultrasounds, 3-D imaging, x-rays and interventional radiology. They also have an online portal which physicians can access to view images and reports.


Tel: (246) 426-2750

MRI machines

  • MRI Barbados, 3rd Avenue Belleville: Tel: (246) 426-6869. 
  • Diagnostic MRI Services, Warrens Healthcare Complex, Warrens, St. Michael:
    Tel: (246) 426-6989


‍There are two private dialysis clinics in Barbados where tourists with renal impairment can go to get their dialysis. Both clinics require that you book approximately 3 weeks prior to travel with medical documents from your doctor sent before treatment. 

SILS Dialysis Barbados

3rd Avenue & Pine Road
Belleville, St. Michael.
Tel: (246) 228-5311 

The Dialysis Clinic Barbados

Oistins, Christ Church 
Tel: (246) 418-6519

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber at the Barbados Defence Force headquarters at St. Ann’s Fort allows for quick access to professional medical care for Dive accidents. It is also utilised for hyperbaric oxygen therapy for decompression sickness (the bends), air embolisms, carbon monoxide poisoning, crush injuries, necrosis, thermal burns and diabetic wounds. The BDF has its own ambulance that can transport you from your primary care facility to the chamber. 


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 
Barbados Defence Force
St. Ann’s Fort, Garrison, St. Michael
Tel: (246) 536-2500


Advanced Eye Services provides advanced eye care in Barbados in the form of:

  • Eye exams
  • Glaucoma management
  • Cataract/pterygium surgery
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology
  • Emergencies


Advanced Eye Services
4th Avenue Belleville, St. Michael. 
Tel: (246) 429-0729


Barbados Dental Association

Tel: (246) 228-6488