House of Jaipur

House of Jaipur's Ethnic Inspired Resort Wear is extremely popular not only with visitors to Caribbean resorts but also with Caribbean women who are looking for a bit of glitz and glamour in their wardrobe.

Their concept promotes an “Ethnic Inspired” Lifestyle and focus on fashion and accessories, fabrics, textiles, home décor and handicrafts.

Hand carved white metal mirror

All of their pieces are made in India and are hand embroidered and beaded by artisans who excel in this traditional art.

Hand embroidered and beaded tunic.

At their tea shop, have a sip while you shop or share friendly conversation over a cup of Indian Chai and savouries!

Delight your cravings with an assortment of Indian snacks dipped in rich chutneys or try any of their Mughlai Biryanis for a light lunch.

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