Exchange Museum

Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Historic Bridgetown, the Exchange Museum has two floors of exhibitions designed to make learning immersive, fun, and enlightening for all ages.

There is always something new and exciting to explore at the Exchange Museum, a place of mystery and discovery. From the evolution of currency to the development of the historic city of Bridgetown as a vital hub for trade and commerce, the exhibitions at the Exchange Museum are informative and interactive, allowing you to take a deep dive into Barbadian history.

Visit the Galleries

The first-floor gallery takes visitors on a journey through time, exploring the unique characteristics of currencies across the globe, celebrating the journey of the Central Bank of Barbados from inception to the present day, and highlighting the importance
of friendly societies like the Barbados Landship.

The second-floor galleries pay homage to the Exchange’s historic 18th-century building, which was the first site of Harrisons Free School and a Masonic Temple before becoming a state-of-the-art Museum. Visit the Education Exhibition to explore a classroom from the 50s and the Freemasonry Exhibition to dispel the myths of the secret society ingrained in Barbadian history.

Our Exhibitions

Throughout our first floor you can explore the unique characteristics of currencies across the globe, learn about the history of Bridgetown and its commerce and celebrate the journey of the Central Bank of Barbados from inception to present day.

On the second floor, our classroom exhibition will allow you to step inside a classroom from the 50s and get a glimpse of the games of yesteryear. Neighbouring this exhibition is one that dispels the myth of the Freemasonry and unveils the secret society that is ingrained in Barbadian history.
It’s a must see!

Freemason's exhibition at the exchange museum

Book a Tour 

Daily tours to the Exchange Museum and Walking Tours to the surrounding historic Bridgetown are available and can be booked at your convenience.

Host an Event

Events can also be facilitated in our audio-equipped gallery space, which would be perfect for an art exhibition, wedding reception, ceremony, lecture, group event or professional gathering.

Open Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm