Barbados Blue

With 365 days of warm water diving, daily Scuba Classes, over 30 dive sites, and after sinking the newest military ship wreck (MV Trident) in the Caribbean, it’s no wonder that PADI has honoured Barbados Blue Watersports at the Hilton, with the PADI Global Ambassador for Change Award. The Southern Caribbean’s first PADI Freediving and PADI Coral First Aid Centres are now also at Barbados’ premier scuba centre.  We can change your life!  

As a PADI Freediver, you train with the best and become part of a global community of divers bound together by a shared passion for adventure, exploration and love for the underwater world.  In just two days we can all start gliding quickly through the water with long blades to the depths and quietly interact with marine life, all without a scuba tank.

The PADI First Aid Course teaches reef managers, concerned citizens, and budding scientists how to construct Coral Nurseries and how to use damaged corals and fragments to replenish large areas of damaged substrate.   Basically, as Global Climate Change sends more powerful storms into the Caribbean our coral reefs may be impacted by several storms in just one season.  However, divers can now act, rather than just watch helplessly as coral dies and algae takes over.  

3 Dives Daily & 30 dive sites (Beginners to Dive Masters).

2 covered dive boats and Scubapro & Cressi Dealers

Located at the Hilton with a marine park & FIVE Wrecks!!!

Scuba and Snorkel combos daily.