Oistins Fish Festival

This annual festival is held in the historic town of Oistins, Christ Church, traditionally over the Easter weekend, and celebrates the contribution made to Barbados by persons in the local fishing industry. It is a unique attraction offering fun and entertainment including music, crafts and delicious local food for both locals and visitors alike.

A number of exciting events and competitions take place that reflect the spirit of this fishing town. Net throwing, fish boning, Easter bonnet competition, strong man boat pull, fish cake eating competitions, celebrity cook off, card-playing, road tennis, the egg and spoon race and last but certainly not least, the famous grease-pole competition, where daring youth compete to reach the top of a greased pole and claim a prize.

Enjoy the sweet sounds of calypso and reggae music coming from the sidewalk stalls, and the sounds of the traditional Barbados tuk band. The food and beverage stalls serve traditional Bajan fare such as fish cakes, fried fish and pudding and souse, which go down well with an ice cold Banks Beer.

Local arts and crafts can also be found in abundance as talented craftsmen take the opportunity to display their wares.

The focus of the festival, however, is to honour those who contribute to the fishing industry and remember those who feed us from the seas surrounding our beautiful island.

The festival begins on Good Friday 7th of April, 2023.