Incentive Travel with Team Sunlinc


Ins & Outs of Barbados

May 29, 2020

For many companies, corporate incentives are experiences that business leaders strive to repeat, and top producers strive to attain. The reality is a beautiful, ever-giving cycle – attainable sales goals, which produce increased profit margins, resulting in rewarding employees with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, inspiring renewed loyalty and the desire to strive to meet even higher goals in order to achieve the reward again.

Essentially, this corporate circle of life has proven time and again to be one of the most successful means of consistently increasing profit, employee loyalty, team retention and overall corporate culture. When combined, the concept of continually offering a Corporate Incentive Trip as a reward becomes a ‘no-brainer’.

The Barbados experience offers travellers an opportunity to delve into the Island’s history and thrilling culinary delights. Luxury 5-star resorts and golf courses, exceptional restaurants, romantic Plantation Houses, Lifestyle Centres, boutique escapes . . . the possibilities in the Gem of the Caribbean are endless. Combine these with our warm and inviting people, friendly service and joiede-vivre and it’s easy to see why Barbados continues to be a high-demand destination for corporate Incentive groups.

Team Sunlinc is the premiere choice as your local partner specializing in extraordinary experiences in Barbados and the Caribbean region. Their paradise islands are famed for their magnificent scenery, excellent infrastructure, and Caribbean joie de vivre. When combined, these factors make your choice of Barbados and their other destinations an easy one.

Things to do

From swimming with sea turtles, partying under the stars, exploring the rugged east coast to enjoying the island’s duty free shopping, Barbados has something for everyone.